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All products are 100% natural and specially curated according to the needs of your body.  Our ayurveda inspired Herbal Teas, helps you fight lifestyle diseases like Insomnia, Obesity, Enhances Immunity & metabolism and much more…


Guaranteed Results

The calorie deficit creates weight loss. Gut Cleansing ensures a healthy body. Hormonal balances ensure a better you. No Magic pills... No Fad diets. Its Simple SCIENCE.

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100% Natural Herbs

We use only 100% natural herbs and ingredients for all our beverages. Each ingredient has a vital role which essentially means that there are no fillers in our beverages.

Inspired by Ayurveda

All our beverages and program including the diet plans are inspired by principles of age-old Ayurveda. All plans include 10-20 mins of physical activity & 10 mins of Meditation.

Why our Weight loss Tea is so Healthy?

Tea is more than just a popular beverage. The medicinal benefits of tea, no matter the variety, have been known for thousands of years. The benefits of drinking tea go far beyond simply feeling better when you’re sick. Drinking tea can help protect brain health, improve heart health, and may even prevent certain types of cancer.

  • Keep Your Digestive System Healthy
  • Enhances your Immunity & Metabolism
  • Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable
  • Aids in Weight Loss
  • Enhances Deep Sleep
  • Keeps your Gut healthy

About Us

Healthy souls is a wellness beverage company which aims to create a healthier, happier and fitter you one tea at a time. Ayurveda Inspired infusions & tea backed by Nutritionist & Health coach support.

We aim to add a beverage to your life to bring the lifestyle change you were always looking for. A combination of Mind + Body to help you achieve greater things in life. A positivity you have never felt before, Energy level you have never experienced before and optimism to go that extra mile in life.

The entire produce is hand-picked from trusted farmers and cultivators to bring an experience which is unmatched, health benefits which you start experiencing in two weeks and to ensure there is no adulteration of any form possible.

With your busy schedule and lifestyle we understand how difficult it is for you to achieve your health goals. All we ask you is to add a beverage in your life & let our health coaches guide you to achieve your health goal. A complete wellness plan

We don’t focus on short term goals & aim to create a healthier version of you. This is the only wellness plan you will ever need and at a cost which is less than meal for two at a fine dine restaurant. We will never restrict you to leave your favorite food or dessert because we know how difficult it is to control cravings. 

At Healthy souls we are aiming at creating a lifestyle which is sustainable, because anything which requires radical changes won’t be sustainable in longer term.Let’s create a new you one tea at a time.

Product FAQs

Our Weight Loss, Detox and PCOS kits come with a detailed diet plan. We advise you to use this as a framework to pace your meals for the week. After all, we are all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle which is sustainable.

This totally depends on whether you are losing body fat or excessive water. As water weight tends to come back but Body fat once lost will be permanent as no new fat cells are created in our body after the age of 16-18 Years.

10-20 minutes of any physical activity or sport plus 10 minutes of meditation is advised daily for enhancing the results. However, for any reason, you are not able to do so just take your beverages as advised and stick to the diet plan.

If you have followed our Kits diligently along with the diet plan most of the time you will get the desired results however if you are unhappy with the results please write to our team of nutritionist and they will be more than happy to curate a new diet plan at no extra cost.

Though our products are made of 100% natural ingredients and in no way should harm your body. But in case of a medical condition, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance it is best to consult your doctor before starting with our Ayurveda inspired program.

We understand that you had to interrupt or stop your program in between. You can always pause and restart but the important thing is to finish your program. Also if you have been using our kits for 2-3 months regularly couple of cheat days won’t matter.

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